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When you buy a t-shirt you are buying more than one t-shirt.
Associated with the physical sale of the shirt, it is possible to receive an NFT as proof of authentication. Each T-shirt is associated with a single NFT. This NFT will give the ability to wear this shirt in the metaverse (probably Decentraland). Anyone wishing to resell the t-shirt will be able to transfer their corresponding NFT as proof of authentication.
To carry out this transaction (included in the purchase of the t-shirt) it is necessary to have a wallet, an electronic purse where you can store and transact these NFTs. If you need to create a wallet you can get more information here. Each wallet is associated with a unique digital identifier, the Wallet ID, which must be entered before the economic transaction is closed. Upon closing the transaction in addition to sending the shirt (!) an Ingegni generated NFT corresponding to the purchased shirt will be sent to the wallet ID. If the Wallet ID is not correct it will not be possible to receive another NFT and the NFT will be lost. It is therefore very important to enter the Wallet ID correctly because ingengi could not be responsible in this situation. You are not obliged to enter the Wallet ID, but in this case you will not receive the NFT and it will not be possible to request it later.
But the most important is that with the purchase of one of our t-shirts you will show your concrete and real contribution to creating a more just and sustainable world because ingenious is a B-Corp that is structurally committed to financing development actions through its association

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PRE SALE OPEN - T-shirt with 100% organic cotton. White, signature Ingenious motif and text printed on the front, round neck, dropped shoulder sleeves and short sleeves.
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